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Installation Testers

Metrix Electronics has a full range of installation and system testing equipment from B&K Precision and Sefram available to buy online today.

Please browse the list below and click through for full technical information and buying details. Or call us on 0845 034 3234 if there's anything else you need to know.

Metrix Electronics has been supplying an extensive selection of electrical and electronics instruments for laboratory and industrial applications since 1999, and our technical team, based in Hampshire UK, is always ready to help with application advice.

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  • 1604A_front_lrg


    Single Output Isolation Transformer

  • BK231A


    £73.00 (£87.60 incl. VAT)

    The 231A can easily read the correct pin configuration of 10BaseT cable (category 5), 100BaseTx, 10Base2 cable (coax) and RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 356A, TIA 568A, TIA 568B and others.

  • BK262


    £79.00 (£94.80 incl. VAT)

    Tone Generator:The Tone Generator is a handheld, battery powered instrument designed to perform a variety of tests on unenergized telephone lines or LAN cables.

  • BK310


    £417.00 (£500.40 incl. VAT)

    The model 310 Digital Milli-Ohm Meter is used to ensure continuity and integrity of a wire, cable, conduit or any electrical connection.

  • SEFRAM80

    Sefram 80

    Sefram Phase Rotation Tester

  • SEFRAM82

    Sefram 82

    The Sefram 82 Phase Rotation Tester.

  • SEFRAM86

    Sefram 86

    The Sefram 86 Phase Rotation Tester.

  • Sefram MW9090

    Sefram MW9090

    £354.00 (£424.80 incl. VAT)


    The Sefram MW9090 is a 50V to 1000V Insulation Tester, 600V
    TRMS Multimeter.


  • Sefram MW9452D

    Sefram MW9452D

    £293.00 (£351.60 incl. VAT)

    Sefram MW9452D Earth Resistance Tester.

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