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LS40 Bar graph
LS40 Bar graph LS40 Bar graph LS40 Bar graph LS40_green_horizontal LS40_green_vertical_2

LS40 Bar graph

LS40 96x24mm bargraph

LS40 Bar graph indicator 96mm x 24mm

96 x 24mm

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LS40 Bar graph indicator 96mm x 24mm with single input.

Panel mounted with horizontal and vertical versions available.

41 bar LEDs (2×5 mm)
Light colour Red (green or yellow available on request)
Format 96 x 24 mm, vertical or horizontal
Scale length Approximately 80 mm
Scale colour Black or white – fully customisable on request

Measuring ranges:
DC voltage 0…150 mV to 0…200 V DC
DC current 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA DC
Voltage drop via shunt: 200 mV

Supply voltage versions:

24VDC isolated or 5 V DC not galvanically isolated

Versions available as previously stocked by RS Components as article numbers 334-1051 and 334-1067 (3341051/3341067)

Red LED 334-1051 Vertical (LS40V) 334-1067 Horizontal (LS40H) with Scale 0-100 and Caption % – Power 24VDC



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